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Tile Revival are specialists in the cleaning and protection of tiles and grout together with other hard surfaces, both man-made and natural.

The use of both natural stone and man-made tiles has increased dramatically in the UK during recent years.  The sight of porcelain, terracotta, slate and quarry tiled areas is now much more common along with the use of materials such as granite, limestone and travertine.

Whilst these tiled surfaces have greatly enhanced the appearance of many domestic and commercial spaces, they have brought with them particular cleaning issues.  Over time and simply through normal usage there is a build up of dirt and grime on the actual tiles but especially on the porous grout lines.  As this is a gradual process it may not always be obvious to you.  Even when it is recognised there has, to date, not been any effective remedy available other than costly total replacement.

            That is until now…………Tile Revival offers you a new, comprehensive cleaning solution.

Cleaning Tile and Grout Video from Tile Revival Cleaning Tile and Grout Video from Tile Revival Cleaning Tile and Grout Video from Tile Revival
Half cleaned tile and grout & Colour Sealing

Exceptional Results
How do we achieve this?  By the use of the latest equipment, specifically designed to tackle your tile and grout cleaning problem.  A mild water based solution is applied in order to work loose the engrained dirt and bacteria.  Our specialist cleaning system then combines heat, pressure and vacuum to provide a surgical deep clean of the surface whilst, at the same time, clinically removing all traces of grime and slurry.  The vacuum effect ensures that there is virtually no “splash”.

Once fully cleaned, the grout and any natural stone can be clear sealed to keep it looking as good as new and much easier to maintain.  Even better, we can colour seal grout used with man-made tiles (porcelain, ceramic etc) – this process colours the grout to a shade of your choice as well as providing a long lasting and durable seal.


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